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Ben Nevis winter conditions

Space still available for a weeks ice climbing on Ben nevis, staying at the CIC hut.

28th Feb - 4th March

E-mail richard for details

Ben Nevis winter climbing conditions 2015 - 2016

Hi all, I am now going to start updating this page as of Christmas 2015. Not much winter at the moment but patience is what all savvy winter climbers have as you are aware.

Being in a unique position of living in view of the North face and also working day in and out on the Ben I will update this page with pictures and what the local weather has been doing. This is separate from my usual blog and will focus solely on Ben nevis.

I will of course post up pictures of the crags and ice conditions when I am on Ben nevis for the day.

I know the North Face of Ben nevis better than most so can give sound advice and comment on what the conditions are doing. I have been around living and working here in Fort William more than most other self publicised bloggers (Alan K and Mike P excepted), and national Centres quite often ring me up to find out what conditions are like.... so I know the mountain well.

There is also an updated graph of temperatures at around 1100m which helps work out what is going on.



Temperature graph for 1100m

The link below goes to a graph that give the latest temperatures on Aonach Mor at around 1000m. This is a good indicator of what the temperature history has been for the bottom of the main crags around the North Face of Ben nevis.

 Aonach Mor weather history


Just back from a weeks guiding at the CIC hut. Some pictures can be found here. In general the snow has settled well and most approaches are now safe. Some are tracked but its still fairly hard going if you want to get high into
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13th january and although the car park was full, not lots of folk on the hill. Ice forming slowly but unsafe approaches to some routes made things interesting. On team got avalanched out from point 5 and a few teams went to look at
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Forecast did what it said today. Freezing level dropped to around 700m this afternoon, buttresses turned white again, and the surviving ice lines, of which there were quiet a few, started to firm up. Walking in this morning was relatively encouraging. The main visible drainage lines, Hadrians / Sickle / point five / Observatory buttress all were holding onto ice well. Higher up I would guess its even better on smiths etc. In the Ciste, Vanishing was gone but Italian / Cascades / 
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After the drastic and heavy thaw with rain last weekend things have taken a big step backwards. Looking up at Ben Nevis
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The decent amount of fresh snow on relatively light winds is still making conditions challenging. Ice is being slow to form on the steeper ice routes and mid grade
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Dry and cold on Ben nevis at the moment. There has been some fresh snow but very little. Reports of very thin ice and verglas on the mixed routes high in the corrie. Uisdean and Iain had done Archangel and there were a few other teams out. Looking at the forecast ahead it
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A lot of ice smears and even some climbable ice in a few places. Some of the gullies would be ok such as Green if you can get into it and comb may go as well. No2 is fine, but its all too soft at the moment. Rae burns easy route would also be an option, particularly if
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