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Rjukan final day and conditions update

Jan 15, 2015

A final day of coaching at Ozimossis today. Bob led four routes and all the ropework and movement skills came together well. Conditions were good if snowy and for the valley for the next few days then after tomorrows further snow everything should start to settle down and colder temperatures develop with just regular light snow showers. This means that conditions at the moment will only improve over time, and as there is plenty of good ice to climb then its looking good. As a round up, here are the current conditions of the main areas at the moment:

Bolgen: Kvita and Gauta M have ice but water is still flowing down the centre of them. Bolgen looks thin. This whole lower area needs a week of colder temperatures and will probably be ok in a week or so if the temperatures drop as forecast.

Svadde: Svaddefossen looks good with some good ice on it. Other routes are looking thin and a little banked out.

Ozimmosis: Good conditions. The route itself is daily steep as it hasn't had the time to build out. The other easier teaching routes are good. The lower area is good at either side but a bit thin and still forming in the centre.

Rjukan Centre: Many routes are banked out at the moment but should improve with some consolidation and traffic. Fabrikkfossen is banked out, but is in decent condition, particularly the upper pitches. Tjonsbergfossen in town looks good, but now has snow on it.

Lower Gorge: No idea but I don't think anyone has been in to have a look. Judging by the Vemork routes it will not be good at the moment.

Vemork Bridge: Ost is almost there, just needs some more at the top. The snow is not helping at the moment. It is do-able though, but only just. It should improve a lot in the next week. Vest is similar but even thinner and probably not good at the moment. It will come in quick though with colder temps. Other routes will need a couple of weeks.

Upper Gorge: Some of the best climbing at the moment. Bakveien, Nye Vermorkfoss, Sabotorfossen, Trapfoss (currently banked out, but underneath, ice is good), Nedre Svinfoss, Lettvann (coverd in snow but ok) all good. Juledagsfossen didn't look in last week. Haven't seen into the end routes around Lipton etc.

Krokan: All routes climbable and in pretty good shape. Fairly quiet at the moment as well so its easy to get lots of climbing in and tick all the routes in a day.

Gausta: Good as always as long as you have a track to follow to get in!

Mael: looks thin from the road.

Kong Vinter: This is probably in ok shape and worth a visit. This is purely my guess though based on past experiences as I have not been there this trip.

So all in all not too bad, and definitely plenty of ice to climb here for a week if you are heading out.

Bob leading his second route today.

learning to lead on an ice climbing course at Ozimossis, Rjukan

A snowy Ozimossis

A snowy ice route at Rjukan, Norway.



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