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Pictures from the CIC hut weeks winter climbing on Ben Nevis this winter.

May 07, 2015

Here are a selection of photo's from my CIC winter climbing hut weeks this year. A bit late I know, but the end of the season was very busy and then holidays beckoned for a few weeks. They were a challenging couple of weeks with huge amounts of snow to start and high avalanche risks on approaches.

Matt on minus 3 gully after a spooky approach

winter climbing minus 3 gully Ben Nevis

Paulo's team swimming / poling / breaststroking up to try and get to minus three.

Avalanche risks on Ben nevis

One of Matts team on Minus Three

Ice climbing course on Ben Nevis

Eastern traverse on tower ridge

Tower ridge, Eastern traverse on Ben Nevis

Protecting the traverse, any which way!

The eastern traverse on Tower Ridge

A wild spindrift day on Vade Mecum

Winter conditions on Ben nevis during a climbing course

Jonathan topping out in similar conditions

Topping out on a winter climb on Ben nevis

The Orion face on Ben Nevis

On the way to Zero gully / Slav climb combo. A great route.

Approaching Zero gully winter climbing on Ben nevis

Stuarts revenge for earlier in the week. (It always looks worse than it is!)

High on a belay on the Orion Face

Perfect ice climbing tools, Grivel Tech Machines


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