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Picking the right day for Gausta !

Jan 07, 2015

Today was the good weather forecast day so we wanted a day in the mountains away from folk. We got it although it did cost us an hour and a half walk in due to some sections of heavy going on the track. Its funny but the guide book gives 45mins walk in to Gausta. Now I've always thought was perhaps possible, but only if you are on a skidoo ! Even coming out fast, downhill, following our tracks took us 50 mins!

As usual, it was worth it. there is something about Gausta. It looks steep and scary from a distance but when you get there and get on it it is excellent ice. Perhaps a little hard and brittle in places as always but plenty of different line and options for leading or bottom roping and coaching.

-6 up top and -2 in the valley today following last nights thaw. Conditions are getting better and better every day and the forecast is generally cold now for a while, although a fair amount of snow is forecast Fri - Sat. We are going to head into the upper gorge tomorrow for a look and see what multi pitch's look good. Trapfoss certainly looks good from the road.

A beautiful mornings walk in to Gausta.

climbing ice on a course at Gausta, Rjukan.

Plenty of ice and lines at Gausta as usual.

Guasta ice climbing coaching

coaching ice climbing at Rjukan, Norway

typical bottom roping at Guasta ice climbing crag.

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