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The great ridge, Garbh Bheinn

Jul 09, 2015

Rab and I had a great day on one of Scotlands finest ridge scrambles today. The great ridge on Garbh Bheinn. Didn't see anyone all day and had great weather. Perfect. As usual, the initial slabs, ribs and grass ledges were interesting and I don't think iv'e ever been up the same initial route twice. We found some steeper slabs to the left of the grotty chimney which were quite stiff but once up them it eased. The ridge itself is well worth it, perfect rock and never too hard.

Rab on the harder lower pitch

The great ridge Garbh bheinn

Half way up the ridge

On Garbh Bheinn great ridge

On the final steepening just before the top.

Ardgour Garbh Bheinn great ridge

Guided scrambling on the Great Ridge


Category: Summer 2015

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