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Four days winter climbing guiding at the CIC hut

Feb 26, 2016

A great four days winter climbing with clients at the cic hut the past few days. Monday and tuesday I was with Ronny from Holland who had never done any ice climbing before. He does however do plenty of trad rock climbing, so its interesting to see how well you can make the translation from summer to winter. After all he climbed Vanishing / the curtain and Orion direct in the first two days! After that I was working with some french clients Rozenn, Pascal and Bernhard. So back onto Orion and the four of us went up Astral highway.

I think we were the only folk to have ventured onto the wall for quite some time. After everyone else saw us on the wall for the two days other teams were on it on Thursday

On Thursday Pascal and Rozenn and I did a quite scary gargoyle wall. Very hard won with only one peice of gear in the crux, and none in the following hard pitch. I earned my money that day!

Here are some good pictures from the week.

(I still have availability at the hut for climbing next week)

Looking back to vanishing on the first day. Ronny and I got on it first thankfully!

Vanishing gully Ben Nevis

Sociable on the Curtain the guys had been parked in the cave for a wee while debating whether to do the crux pitch. They did sort themselves out and got it done.

The curtain Ben Nevis ice climbing

The cave was full! so this is me bringing Ronny to the first belay on the Curtain

Belay on the Curtain, Ben Nevis

Ronny adrift on a sea of ice and snow. On the upper half of Orion Direct. His second days winter climbing!

Orion direct Ben Nevis

A typical abolokov belay high on Orion face.

Abalokov belay on Orion face

High on Orion face looking accross to a fairly busy Tower ridge

High on the Orion Face

The view on the walk off back to the CIC hut

Descending to Corrie Leis ben nevisg

Rozenn after the crux pitch on Astral highway

Astral highway, Ben nevis ice climbing.

The happy team at the top of Astral highway.

Team french after being guided up Astral highway

Heading into Corrie na Ciste and Gargoyle wall.

Corrie na ciste Ben Nevis

Rozenn on the crux pitch of Gargoyle wall.

Gargoyle wall, Ben nevis

Looking accross to Mega Route X, We should have jumped on it on the way down, but we were a wee bit tired!

Mega route X, Ben Nevis

Packing up after a hard but succesful Gargoyle wall. Stunning weather

Ben Nevis summit plateau after climbing guiding.


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